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This is a bunch of copy about just how rad it is to drink MacKenzie Grown Fairy Dust. This CBD stuff is tastes good and is healthy for your body so buy some now.

OUR Products

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10 Pack Box

1 Oz. Bulk Tube

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4 Gram Packet

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FORREST Initiative

The Forrest Initiative, a center dedicated to serving the needs of under-resourced families in our community. This important program was originally founded in 2014 as the TJ’s Kids and Families Program, but it has since evolved into an organization with a much broader mission. The Forrest Initiative’s mission is to help families source CBD oil at no cost for their children in dire need of this life changing oil.

The Forrest Initiative continues to greatly improve the lives of both children and families across Oregon by constantly striving to grow the program to help as many families in our community as we can. Please contact TJ’s Gardens today about how you can contribute to this special program. 

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